This Cameraman Getting Nailed In The Nuts At A Red Sox Game Is Pure Sport

Of all the myriad and glorious genres of sport content, the one that truly speaks to the highest echelons of human aspiration is the televised nut shot. All the stories of trials and success, of rags to riches, of triumph over adversity… all these moments melt away in the face of some dude getting absolutely nailed in the cojones by an errant ball / bat / hockey stick.

Even better for the schadenfreude factor is when the victim of a painful nut shot isn’t even a player of the sport in question. Yes, an innocent bystander having their nuts obliterated by an errant ball is the highest expression of sport as it should be.

Behold: a wonderful example, ripe for the plucking. The first pitch at a Red Sox game went directly into a nearby cameraman’s groin, in a way which puts even Hans Moleman‘s sterling effort to shame.

Watch the perfect arc of the ball as it careens into this bloke’s two veg. Poetry in motion, ladies and gentlemen.

We also have another angle on this whole debacle – from the cameraman himself, prior to contact.

There is so much beauty in the world, team. One must only look.