Human Shaka Rob Gronkowski Dented The Super Bowl Trophy While Playing Baseball

Just because he’s “technically” retired now doesn’t mean for a second that Rob Gronkowski will do anything other than Be Gronk™. And leave it to The 69 Dude himself to find possibly the most unique way to leave a physical mark on Lombardi Trophy #6 before bowing out of New England Patriots official duty for good.

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At the Boston Red Sox home opener last week, members of the Super Bowl-winning Patriots were on hand to celebrate with the World Series-winning Red Sox because Boston is an absurd magic town where no one is allowed to feel abject failure.

Gronkowski, being the cult hero that he is, was tapped to throw out the ceremonial first pitch before the game. Which he did, without incident.

But in the lead-up to that, Gronk and a troupe of other Patriots did a little warming up in the wings. And that, would you even believe, culminated in Gronkowski bunting a pitch from Julian Edelman while using the goddamned Lombardi Trophy as a bat, resulting in the NFL’s most coveted prize copping an unmistakable dent.

Observe thusly.

As pure and true as any Gronk moment could ever get. Absolute peak-Gronk areas, that.

The Patriots, for what it’s worth, seem content to leave the dent in the Lombardi Trophy in order to give it some distinction from the billion others they have lining the walls of their headquarters.

As for Gronk, well… I guess that’s one way to leave a lasting mark on a team.