The AFL Grand Final According To Lara Bingle

The game had it all. Great goals, near misses, sensational marks, and brutal defence. It also had a lot of Twitter love! Many celebrities got on board with the blow by blow reports. Our favourite was Lara Bingle’s take on the game…

Every one needs a team on Grand Final day. Lets pick one!

Well that was a pretty standard first half of football.. There was only like, a heap a goals, two major momentum shifts, and… oh look! The Temper Trap!

Wow! They should write more songs like that. Damn, I think Jen is going for Sydney! It’s so close. I just don’t know anymore ?!

Nope! Definitely Hawthorn. Yay Hawks!

What is wrong with meeeee?

*Same here Lara. I couldn’t watch Hindmarsh play without crying either.

I swear it’s harder watching than playing! Stop losing Hawthorn and win!

Speaking of peaking…

Yay Swans. I knew they could do it. You’re my hero Goodsie! What a player, what a team, what a win, what a game! Except I’ve always found sport a little odd. Like the whole concept.

Hang on! I could phrase that, like, way better!

Yep. I’m feeling that. Bingle out!

Please please, please watch the NRL tomorrow Lara!

Here are some of our other favourite AFL GF tweets.

Yeah Swannies!

Photo by Graham Denholm via Getty