Remember When Former Chaos Queen Lara Bingle Committed A Crime On Her Own Reality Show?

Lara Bingle

Remember chaotic model Lara Bingle? You know, the one who famously, yet controversially said “Where the bloody hell are ya?”  in an Aussie tourism ad? Well you probably remember she had a TV show called Being Lara Bingle, but do you remember that she also committed a crime on her own reality show?

Picture this: it’s 2012 and you’re in that awkward year of high school when you’re trying new fashion trends and failing miserably (that’s probably all of high school really). You get home from school *exhausted* from doing nothing and park yourself in front of the TV to watch Being Lara Bingle.

My parents would get so mad at me watching. My dad thought he was the funniest guy in the world by calling the reality star “Lara Bungle” whenever I put it on TV. But the show was my life for the hot minute that it was on the air.

The show was a look into Lara Bingle’s life outside all the negative press, so you really got to see her authentic self. For a show about one person, there was a hell of a lot of drama. In one episode, Lara gets caught driving without a licence after accidentally driving in the bus lane. Unfortunately, all footage from the show has mysteriously been scrubbed from the internet, but Lara briefly talks about the incident here on The Project, so it defs wasn’t some weird fever dream I concocted.

It wasn’t Lara’s first driving offence either. The same year Being Lara Bingle was released, Lara faced court and plead guilty to three charges: driving on a suspended license, failing to give particulars at the scene of a crash, failing to give way at an intersection and failing to notify the authorities of a change of address. Wait…failing to give particulars at the scene of the crash? Yep, in 2012, Lara hit a motorcyclist and immediately fled the scene.

Lara was also booked for speeding six times in again, that very same year. Yikes. She also drove without a licence again in 2014. So sounds like she’s a bit of a one hit wonder, hey?

Model Lara Bingle performs at Channel Nine’s AFL Grand Final Footy Show at Rod Laver Arena 2006 in Melbourne, Australia. (Image: Kristian Dowling/Getty Images)

The best (and worst) thing about Lara Bingle is that she just doesn’t give a fuck about anything. From being papped naked to performing a strip tease at Channel Nine’s AFL Grand Final Footy Show, she doesn’t hold back. Mind you, it’s nearly been ten years since the show aired, so I’m sure that she’s changed a lot since then. But her legacy (and I say that ever-so loosely) remains.