If you were one of 2.7 million people who tuned into the epic showdown between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal in last night’s Australian Open, you might already be a little bit in love with Mr Cho, Kia CEO and honorary MVP.

Is that you? Then congrats, there’s about ten thousand people this morning who agree with you.

No? Well, long story short – Mr Cho was invited to address the players in the post-match presentation, on the basis that Kia is a major sponsor of the AusOpen.

In what could have been a slightly grotty-feeling speech by a man who’s paid a lot of money to do it, Mr Cho instead gave a super cute one that sent the internet into spasms of adoration. (Seriously. There’s already a ‘Mr Cho Appreciation Thread over on the /tennis subreddit.)

“Congratulations for such a great display of tennis tonight,” he said. “I thank you for showing us exactly why the Australian Open is one of the most exciting major sporting championships. Unfortunately, only one winner can be crowned tonight. But I believe both of you should be proud of the sportsmanship and passion you have shown throughout this year’s tournament.

He also thanked everyone at Tennis Australia for making this year a huge success, and the passionate fans for being “the best fans in the world”.

If that doesn’t *quite* resonate via the written word, watch his speech instead (‘scuse the dicey footage):

Reddit is stoked that this guy not only seemed genuinely chuffed about the match, but also didn’t speak for approximately four hours like his predecessor.

And Tennis Twitter (a group that seems to swell exponentially with each Australian Open before dying back down to it’s pre-AO slumber) has basically declared Mr Cho the legend of the corporate sponsorship world.

Already people are (only slightly jokingly) calling for Mr Cho to replace the badly-received Basil Zempilas as commentator next year.

Obviously, there are memes. Of course there are memes. Invest in Mr Cho memes because that stock is HOT to TROT, etc.

Well. Till next year, we guess.

Photo: Channel 7.