Tayla Harris’s Giant Statue Has Been Revealed And It Kicks Balls & Ass

As we reported yesterday, AFLW star Tayla Harris has had a giant, 3-metre bronze statue of her iconic “The Kick” unveiled this morning in Melbourne’s Federation Square, and it’s certainly a sight to behold.

Harris had the extremely famous photo of her textbook kicking action, that sparked a sexism furore among footy circles, honoured with the giant statue that reportedly took its artist – the NSW-based Terrance Plowright – somewhere in the vicinity of 2,000 hours to sculpt.

At its unveiling this morning, Harris stated that it was “surreal to see it” and that she didn’t think she would “fully understand or appreciate the significance of it for another 20 years.”

The statue, reportedly a prototype of the finished product, will be put on display in Federation Square for the forseeable future while the statue’s commissioner NAB – chief sponsor of the AFLW – searches for a permanent location. It is advertiser-created, though. So it remains to be seen just how enduring this particular project will be.

Rather than celebrating the career achievements of a past great, as is the case with most bronze statues, this particular one is said to represent “the potential of a generation,” as the AFLW moves towards its fourth season and an expanded 14-team competition.

Entirely decent work all around, you’d reckon.