Here’s Tayla Harris High-Kicking Her “Haters” On TikTok & She Can Roundhouse Me Next

I’m very happy to inform you that Tayla Harris, Carlton star forward/ruck and genuinely terrifying boxer, is now on TikTok and her latest video has her straight up laying some MMA-level kicks on her “trolls”, “bullies”, and “haters”.

We already know that Tayla is the owner of the kind of kick that stops the nation, but these big side-and-kinds-roundhouse kicks have me thinking that if she would like to do it, Tayla Harris is very welcome to snap kick me right in the face.

She’s slowly building up her presence on TikTok, leaning into the old scaring friends video compilation (a classic of the genre) and an incredible video of Nan (pls be her nan) rapping Arizona Zerva‘s ‘Roxanne’, but the video of her hitting helium balloon targets with kicks that look like they could wipe the face off my skull has just done me right in.

I mean, just fucken look at this, would ya?

We’ll likely be seeing more of Tayla and her big kicks over the next while as the AFLW season kicks off (heh) with the opening game between the Carlton Blues and the Richmond Tigers at the Baggers’ home ground of Ikon Park on Friday night. I’m bloody fired up, mates. Footy’s back. Footy’s BACK.

So absolutely get ready for some more big moments from Tayla Harris and the rest of the league from tomorrow until the AFLW’s grand final on April 18.

If you need me between now and first bounce at Ikon Park on Friday, I’ll be watching Tayla’s TikTok on a loop and quietly whispering “please just roundhouse me into the sun.”

If I could have like, half the leg strength of Tayla, I’d be a very stoked woman and probably like…300% better at running and footy. It’s entirely rattled me.