This Footy Fan Got A Tattoo Of That Incredible Tayla Harris Pic On His Arm

Tayla Harris

That stunning action shot of Carlton AFLW legend Tayla Harris has now been immortalised in ink after a footy fan got the photo tattooed on his arm.

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Seaford Meadows bloke Blake Griffiths had originally been in the Mix102.3 studio to get a tattoo of Adelaide Crows coach Dan Pyke on his arm, inspired by the David Bowie-themed Ken Hinkley tattoo that did the rounds on social media last week.

But, since he was already in the studio, hosts Jodie and Soda asked if Griffiths would like another tattoo – of Harris – on his other arm.

Griffith’s “couldn’t be happier” to get the tatt – even though he’s a Crows supporter – and said he’s looking forward to showing off his new ink while serving beers at his pub in Aldinga.

Earlier this week, after a string of disgusting comments, the AFL decided to pull the photo of Harris from their social media pages. The organisation’s decision to remove the image, instead of the comments, was heavily criticised by the general public and prominent voices in the AFL community including Patrick Dangerfield. The controversy even went global with The Good Place star Jameela Jamil retweeting Harris’ picture to her feed.

The AFL later apologised for deleting the photo and said they would “work harder to ban the trolls from our page.” 

Speaking at Ikon Park on Wednesday, Harris said: “If I can stand up here and say something about it and start the conversation … if that helps one person or heaps of people then that’s what I want to do.”

On Thursday, Prime Minister Scott Morrison called the trolls “cowardly grubs, who need to wake up to themselves.” 

Harris has since thanked her supporters for their positive messages adding “things have changed… if you’re not with us, you will be left behind.”