Stan Wawrinka Slams Nick Kyrgios On Twitter For Sledge About Girlfriend

Swiss tennis player Stan Wawrinka slammed Nick Kyrgios on Twitter today, calling out his shit on-court behaviour at the Montreal Open, where Kyrgios brutally told Wawrinka that fellow Aussie tennis player Thanasi Kokkinakis had boinked his girlfriend.

“Kokkanakis banged your girlfriend. Sorry to tell you that mate,” Kyrgios slung at Wawrinka after he lost the first set. As will now go down in the shitty sportsmanship hall of lame, his comments – which were picked up by a mic – were immortalised in Vine form in minutes.

Wawrinka has taken to Twitter to express his disgust at Kyrgios – which, tbh, so did about four thousand other people. 

Kyrgios ended up winning the match 4-0, after Wawrinka retired in the deciding set due to a back injury. Nice guys. Sometimes they do finish last. SIIIIIIGH.

Picture: Michael Dodge via Getty Images.