Nick Kyrgios’ Brother Dumped From Radio Interview For Dodgy “Kokk” Reference

Say what you want about the whole Nick Kyrgios/Stan Wawrinka kerfuffle that’s been going down over the past couple of days. But you can’t deny that tennis has suddenly become interesting as shit as a result. More so than usual.

Following Nick’s personal little sledge directed at Stanislas on court in Montreal this past Wednesday, the brash ‘Strayan issued an official apology and copped a $10k fine from the ATP. After that, you’d think that’d the end of it – the issue would simply go back to being a simmering professional grudge that won’t boil to the surface again until the next time they meet on court. Right?
Only problem is that – let’s call it defiant fire – burns inside the entire Kyrgios family, and not just Nick.
So when brother Christos Kyrgios got called in to Triple M‘s Grill Team for an interview this morning, what started as a spirited defence of family quickly became a very obvious use of radio’s seven second dump button.
Christos began his defence of Nick by bringing up the point that Wawrinka had accused Kyrgios of faking an injury during their meeting at the Queen’s Club Championships back in June.

“If you’re going to come and openly … it’s not even sledging, that’s openly slandering someone after a match then I guess you can expect a bit of sledging back when you play them next.”

During that tournament Kyrgios – an asthmatic – was suffering a legitimate sinus infection – an excuse Wawrinka didn’t buy.

Host Matty Johns tried to rationalise the argument, stating that Nick should not have brought a non-involved party into matters.

“I understand that Christos, the difference here is he’s dragged innocent parties into it. He’s dragged young Kokkinakis into it and more to the point, Donna Vekic…”

And at that point, the line went dead. Show co-host Chris Page provided an explanation shortly thereafter.

“Sorry, we’ve just had to dump Christos. He said something pretty crook.”

Whilst the offending comment never made it to air, it’s understood that Christos remarked “She likes Kokk” in reference to Vekic and Nick’s good mate/fellow tennis pro Thanasi Kokkinakis.

Not content to let that matter lie, Christos took to Facebook to share his very clear thoughts on the matter.
Christos then went on to accuse Wawrinka of physically manhandling Kyrgios in an unseen locker room confrontation.
Before wrapping up the tirade by reasserting Wawrinka’s partner’s phallic wordplay preference.
Charming lot, aren’t they.
Photo: Hannah Peters via Getty Images.