You Can Legit Bet On “Some Bloke In A Souths Jersey Showing Up” At UFC 229

When they say you can pretty much bet on anything these days, they are absolutely not kidding. You can legit find a market for anything if you’re search long enough. And that goes for UFC 229 as well.

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As any Australian who’s been to a sporting event overseas will tell you: Spotting other Australians in the crowd is a piece of piss. Mostly because the Australian uniform-of-choice is “any Australian sporting team jersey no matter what sport you’re currently watching.” Richmond jersey at WrestleMania? Check. Brisbane Roar jumper at an NFL game? Yep, got it covered. Hobart Hurricanes getup providing a piercing purple splice in a sea of rabid EPL fans? Got it in one.

But by and large the most common occurrence, for whatever reason, is that of the Random Souths Guy. The lone nuffy wearing South Sydney Rabbitohs gear that tends to show up in very much non-Rabbitohs places more often than not.

It’s a true phenomenon; one being documented by its own dedicated Twitter hashtag. Observe.

Absolutely everywhere. Heads on ’em like… well, rabbits.

Such is the ubiquity of the Random Souths Guy that SportsBet has gone so far as to offer a market on one appearing during the coverage of UFC 229 this coming weekend. And believe it not, the odds aren’t long. TAke a look, y’all.

$3.25 on “A random South Sydney fan to shown on the official Main Event coverage inside the arena.” Even with that specificity, the odds are still wildly short. Shorter than McGregor landing the first take-down of the night and, even more unbelievably, shorter than the odds being offered on a McGregor first round KO.

In the ridiculous circus of a Conor McGregor fight, a random guy in a Souths jersey showing up is virtually the only real certainty.

What a time to be a Bunnies fan.