Patrick Stewart And Ian McKellen Win The Internet With Befuddled Super Bowl Selfie

The one septuagenarian BFF tandem to rule them all, Sir Patrick Stewart of The Enterprise and Sir Ian McKellen of The Fellowship, have returned to blow up the internet and demolish existing preconceptions of how the elderly should behave by setting phasers to adorable and having a basic understanding of how social media works. The duo, currently starring in the Broadway double bill of No Man’s Land and Waiting for Godot in New York City, acknowledged the nation-stopping fireworks of Super Bowl XLVIII by posing for a selfie together dressed in the jerseys of the contending Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks
In their latest roles, the pair play befuddled old Englishmen, Paz and Macca, say, with monumental gaps in their trans-Atlantic cultural knowledge who insist that football is the game played with your feet and attended by people who want to head butt you. There is a memorable scene where one of them discovers pizza for the first time. 
Dear Hollywood, we would pay to watch that movie.