WATCH: Conan O’Brien And Patrick Stewart Make Out For Friendship

Sir Patrick Stewart is, honest to dog, possibly the best human walking the planet.

A fierce defender of women’s rights, a champion actor, and one half of the straight-up most adorable friendship getting about with Sir Ian McKellen. Stewart is a modern marvel, and a particular favourite of the internet.
And he’s really calmly comfortable when in the company of pals. So much so that he greets and farewells McKellen with a kiss on the lips – something of a friendship tradition for them.
Conan O’Brien delved into the issue, which cause *a little bit* of a hubbub when the pair embraced on the red carpet of McKellen’s film Mr. Holmes, with Stewart directly questioning why it should be a taboo for two men – who are not necessarily both homosexual, but who are friends – to embrace each other like that.
Conan joked that it’s a greeting that only Knights can engage in – which if true is absolutely genius – to which Stewart asserted that he does it with all his close male friends, asserting he was not a “one man guy.
And then this happened.

[Editor’s Note: Video has since been deleted]

New life goals: Mack on with Patrick Stewart.
via Uproxx.