If You Do Not Want A Punch, Do Not Look At This NSW Blues Team Photo

So Origin III is a dead rubber. The NSW Blues have scooped shield glory back from the Queensland Maroons in an increasingly rare series win for the state’s league faithful. And while the series finally shifts back to Queensland’s hallowed home turf of Lang Park and the Maroons fight to wrest back a bit of pride, the victorious Blues are having a right old time with things.

An official team photo released earlier this week ahead of Origin III shows the Blues in full and very good spirits, enjoying a job well done while sitting and standing around team coach Brad Fittler.

But a closer look reveals a little something extra. A little something cheekier. A little something more… sinister.

Computer! ENHANCE.

Oh you cheeky bastards.

For those of you playing along at home, that’s Tyson Frizell and Tyrone Peachey managing to pull off an entire nation’s worth of Circle Game victories all at the same time.

It’s fiendish. It’s downright diabolical. Damn it, it’s genius.

The lads even made sure to put their hands on the crest of their knees, ensuring the circle would just fall below the waistline, making it a legal circle for in-game play. That’s the kind of forethought they simply do not teach enough these days, and we have nothing but respect for it.

So if, for whatever reason, you happen to be walking down the street and a giant rugby player gives you a light, playful tap on the arm anytime soon, now you know why.

Well played, lads. Well played indeed.