Novak Djokovic, champion of anti-vax bullshit and tennis alike, has been granted an ~exemption~ to play in the Australian Open despite breaking vaccination rules, and Aussies are pissed.

Just two months after Victorian government officials confirmed that unvaccinated players would not be allowed to compete in the Australian Open, infamously anti-vax Novak Djokovic has somehow managed to evade the rules and will be competing in Melbourne.

“Happy New Year, everybody!,” he wrote on social media on January 4.

“Wishing you all health, love, and happiness in every present moment and may you feel love & respect towards all beings on this wonderful planet.

“I’ve spent fantastic quality time with my loved ones over the break and today I’m heading Down Under with an exemption permission. Let’s go 2022 !!” he wrote.

Should I ignore the irony of wishing good health and then opposing vaccines during a pandemic? Sigh.

ICYMI: Novak Djokovic is anti-vax and refused to reveal his vaccination status when it became mandated for certain games. He literally said “Personally I am not pro-vaccines,” and he also opposes vaccine mandates.

Gee, I wonder what force could allow a famous and rich man to bypass strict COVID rules and get his way? A mystery.

If you felt a viscerally enraged reaction to this news, you’re not alone. Aussies all over the country are furious at this blatant dismissal of COVID rules. Especially in Sydney where cases are hitting 20,000 on the daily, and Melbourne which experienced the world’s longest lockdown.

Twitter is alight with criticism of the move, with some calling out the very serious hurt and anger this ignites, especially for Aussies who have done the right thing throughout the pandemic and have still been fucked over.

Others have no choice but to laugh at what a fucking joke this is.

Well, I hope Novak Djokovic is used to booing, because his welcoming into Australia is certainly going to be… something. I’m expecting pitchforks.