Border Officials Are Investigating Other Folks Who Used The Same Medical Exemption As Novak

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Just hours after old mate Novak Djokovic had his visa shredded up by officials, Australian Border Force (ABF) officials are now investigating another international tennis player and an official who were granted medical exemptions by Tennis Australia.

ABC reports that an ABF spokesperson has confirmed that documentation given by another two individuals who recently travelled to Australia was also being examined to suss out if they met entry requirements for unvaccinated arrivals.

“The ABF is aware of two other individuals who have used the same exemption letter issued by Tennis Australia as the basis for their medical exemption for the purposes of travelling to Australia,” the spokesperson told the ABC.

“ABF is making inquiries regarding these individuals, as the investigation is ongoing, we won’t be making any further comment at this time.”

After Novak was detained by the Australian Border Force upon landing in Melbourne on Wednesday, it was confirmed that he didn’t supply the appropriate evidence requirements for his vaccine exemption and his visa application, and he had his visa cancelled.

His lawyers have subsequently launched a Federal Circuit Court challenge over his deportation by the Aussie government.

The hearings for his case were adjourned twice on Thursday arvo and have now been postponed until Monday. According to, it’s likely Djokovic will remain in immigration detention until then.

Tennis Australia’s requested that the matter be settled by Tuesday so it can adequately prep for the Australian Open.

The ABC has reported that lawyers for the federal Minister for Immigration said they wouldn’t oppose an interim injunction which would restrain the federal government from deporting Djokovic on Thursday, as they originally intended to.