Deadset Ledge Nedd Brockmann Finished His Big Jog & Raised More Than $1.4M For Homelessness

Holy smokes — certified legend Nedd Brockmann has arrived at Bondi Beach in Sydney after running from Western Australia’s Cottesloe Beach to raise money to support people experiencing homelessness. And the absolute king raised a stonking $1,485,347.

A ‘yuge crowd of supporters gathered at Bondi Beach to welcome the NSW electrician after a gruelling 46 days hoofing it on foot across Australia.

Brockmann hit his original goal to raise $1 million for We Are Mobilise on October 14. The organisation is dedicated to supporting those experiencing homelessness in Australia. The inspirational fella set a new goal of $1.5 million and he was just shy of making it when he trotted up to Bondi Beach’s Surf Lifesaving Cub on Monday arvo.

Brockmann received a traditional Indigenous smoking ceremony to honour the First Nations land he traversed on his 3952km run across the country. He also celebrated with a shoey, which he absolutely deserved.

Brockmann’s original goal was running roughly 4000 kilometres in 40 days which, for the mathematically disinclined, is 100 kilometres a day. Now that is impressive.

As you might expect, his journey has gotten a tonne of traction, despite some people having doubts initially.

“Before I even started, the majority of people were [saying] there’s not a chance you can do that,” he told A Current Affair in September.

Brockmann was initially hoping to beat the world record for speediest journey across Australia.

He explained he was unlikely to make that specific goal in an Insta post — but we reckon raising more than $1.4 million for Mobilise is more impressive than any world record.

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In another Insta post, Brockmann gave a lil’ insight into the state of his journey across Aus in another post.

1st of September I set out to break a world record, raise a million dollars for the homeless and to inspire a bunch of people on and off Instagram to get after it in their daily lives,” he said. 

“To give people the belief that they can do anything if they just sack it up and have a crack. The record is out of the picture, but myself and my team getting to Bondi is without a shadow of a doubt going to occur.

“The million dollars is looking promising and judging by the 100’s of messages I’m receiving daily, I believe the inspiration to keep fighting each day is wearing off on each and every one of you.”

His team included his mum and dad, as well as his girlfriend Jemma, who were quite literally following his journey and supported him via camper van.

Speaking to 7News, Brockmann explained the motivation behind the run.

“When I moved to Sydney from the country, I saw a lot of homelessness in the city and wanted to make change, wanted to help out where I could,” he said.

Brockmann touched on some of the less fun elements of the trek too, including a number of injuries.

“A little maggot started wriggling out of my toe, and I questioned my life choices at that point,” he said.

I mean, fair — but I’m now extra impressed.