PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with The Salvation Army to aid young people experiencing homelessness. We’re asking you ~youths~ (aged between 12-24 years) to get involved in the Hidden Others: Youth Homelessness Short Film Competition running from February until the end of July. Keep reading to learn more before heading HERE.

“I’m probably going to lose the roof over my head today”
As Homelessness Australia‘s stats describe below, there’s a plethora of reasons why someone can experience homelessness – and many of them have nothing to do with addiction: 
  • 24% from domestic and family violence 
  • 20% from financial difficulties 
  • 16% from housing crises 
  • 11% from inappropriate dwellings 
  • 8% from other relationship issues
  • 5% from other accommodation issues
  • 4% from health issues
  • 2% from transitioning from custody agreements
  • 1% from traveling from place to place
  • 1% from lack of family / community support
  • 8% from other reasons 
Need more convincing? Check out this video: 

We all need to chip in to help those in need, and that won’t happen until the stigmas surrounding Australia’s thousands of young people experiencing homelessness are changed. To do this, we need the next generation of decent humans to step up and create awareness of why young people experience homelessness. 
The Salvation Army is once again running its Hidden Others: Youth Homelessness Short Film Competition from February until the end of July to rally those who want to see change. To enter, you need to be between the ages of 12 to 24, and create a minute-long video for Instagram creating awareness of youth homelessness in some way. The winner will get to tag along with our film crew for a whole day on a live editorial shoot, which is just a cherry on top of feeling damn-fine that you’ve helped humanity.
If you’re keen on entering, enter your details below: 
Head HERE to learn more about The Salvation Army’s Hidden Others: Youth Homelessness Short Film Competition initiative. 

Photo: The Salvation Army.