Nat Fyfe Has Gifted Another Shirtless Brownlow Pic Unto All You Horny Lunatics

In 2015, a combination of a lost preliminary final, last-minute travel planning, and a complete lack of packed clothes lead to then-first time Brownlow Medal winner Nat Fyfe having his photo taken the morning after the win dressed in little more than a beanie and sweatpants with Charlie draped around his neck. That shirtless pic has become something of footy legend in the years since, so it makes sense that this morning Fyfe had a crack at recreating the blessed image after taking home his second Brownlow Medal last night.

[jwplayer 7jOcT72U]

Fyfe, beanie on head and Brownlow on neck, presented the world with version 2.0 of the victorious shirtless pic earlier this morning, albeit with his arm strapped firmly into a sling thanks to a recent shoulder reconstruction.

It’s a fair crack at it, to be sure, but that’s a hell of a lot of effort to go to just to completely ignore that giant sling.

What’s going on there mate? I know you just had major surgery and all but it didn’t stop you from swanning about Crown all night last night with it off. You can’t take it off for a ten-second snap shot? Is the surgical scar that ridiculous? Did you get a rocket from the club doctor last night after appearing on live, national TV with it off? Does making Round 1 now depend on wearing it 24/7 for the next month?

That said, it’s still another Brownlow win for Fyfe and another precious blessing from the West.

And for that, we can only be thankful.