Newly-minted ‘Strayan sporting legend Michelle Payne has used her historic Melbourne Cup win to advocate for Down Syndrome, directing the media attention currently honing in on her towards a deserving cause.

Yesterday, the 30-year old jockey became the first female to ever win the Melbourne Cup, riding Prince of Penzance – a horse with odds of 100-1 to win – to victory. Her brother Stevie, who has Down Syndrome, was her strapper.

“He’s an absolute inspiration”. As the first female winner of the #MelbourneCup, Michelle Payne has an incredible story. She’s the youngest of ten children, brought up by her dad, battled back from serious injury and proven to the people who wanted her replaced that she’s a world beater. She spoke beautifully about her brother Stevie a short while ago on TODAY! #Today9

Posted by TODAY on Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Speaking on Today this morning, she said of her win:

“That was just an amazing start to the story, and to share that with him, that was just amazing, I’ll never forget it. That moment of seeing him when I came back in, and he was a bit emotional, and I’ve never seen him like that before.”

“I just hope it sends out the message (to treat people with) Down Syndrome as normal, because they can be so capable in so many ways, Stevie is just so smart, and just really hope that message gets out loud and clear.”

She announced last night that she’ll be donating to Down Syndrome Australia, and dem feels, man – we have them.

Michelle Payne Uses Melbourne Cup Win To Advocate For Down Syndrome


Images via Today.