One of our most popular and most bizarre stories of 2015 has finally come to a close – Melbourne Cup‘s notorious ‘Blue Dress Girl’

In case you’ve forgotten, footage emerged from 7 News of a girl in a blue cocktail dress randomly running up to Superintendent Steven Cooper while he was on the phone during the Melbourne Cup, and pushing him into a garden bed. When two more coppers run up to her to grab her, she looks genuinely mortified and slightly confused as to why they’re taking her away. Motive is still undetermined. 

If you were anything like us, you watched the video multiple times, and laughed despite knowing that what she did was really fucking stupid. 

Go on, watch it again. You know you want to:

7 News | Woman pushes police officer into flower bed

A woman has been arrested after she pushed a police officer into a garden bed at Flemington.More: from 7 News: News video: news on Twitter:

Posted by 7 News Melbourne on Monday, 2 November 2015

Today, the woman, whose name is Sarah Finn, attended the Melbourne Magistrates Court, and was fined $800 + court fees for her cop-pushin’. 

While she didn’t receive jail time, she’s received immortalisation in popular Australian culture. ‘Oi, remember when that gal in the blue dress spear-tackled a copper into some bushes at the Melbo Cup?’ is a sentence that will likely be said at parties for quite a few years, whether ya like it or not. 

Oh, and she also has to fork out $150 to replace the Superintendent’s sunnies. 

Source: The Age

Photo: 7 News.