Cop The Exact Moment Australia’s Football Heroes Learned We’re Hosting The Women’s World Cup

Like every other facet of life in 2020, football is in a strange place. Seasons have been interrupted. Games are being played without fans. And, in the case of Australia’s footballing establishment, news of a successful 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup bid was met in the middle of a night in a socially-distanced board room.

Some things remain the same, though: you can’t exactly put a lid on utter jubilation.

Footage from said boardroom shows Matildas players and footy officials going absolutely troppo at the news that Australia and New Zealand will jointly host the tournament.

It’s huge news for any number of reasons: some 1.12 billion sports fans tuned in to last year’s World Cup in France, demonstrating the global reach and power of the sport.

More importantly, it’s now something Australia and New Zealand can call their own.

Get around it: