Sam Kerr, Legend, Told Critics To “Suck On That One” After Australia’s Big Win

Australia’s come-from-behind win over Brazil at the FIFA Women’s World Cup this morning wasn’t just a massive momentum-builder for the Matildas at the tournament, it also went a long way to silencing mounting criticism of the team’s chances. And that’s a fact that sure as shit didn’t escape absolute gun Sam Kerr in her post-game interview.

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Kerr was in this morning’s game up to her damned neck, proving once again why she’s consistently ranked as one of the absolute best in the world.

Post-game, she also proved that she’s a GOAT on the mic as well.

Addressing recent criticism of the Matildas, Kerr pulled no punches in telling them all to “suck on that one.”

She also repeated the line later in the interview, declaring “We don’t listen to the haters. I love these girls, they’re something else. We knew we were a top-10 team, now we’re back in it. Suck on that one.

The line comes following the somewhat shock opening group stage loss to Italy, but a win over the highly-fancied Brazil puts Australia back in direct contention to progress through to the knockout stage of the tournament, with a game against the lower-ranked Jamaica remaining on their group schedule.

Following the game, Kerr took to Twitter to get around her teammates with a stirring post.

That’s the good shit, right there. How about the bloody Matildas!

Australia’s final group stage game is scheduled for next Wednesday morning Australian time with a 5:00am AEST kickoff.