Mario Balotelli As Priceless As The Mona Lisa?

I’m seriously thinking about starting a Mario Balotelli-themed blog with plans to turn it into a Mario Balotelli-themed media empire such is the output of excellent content involving the mercurial Italian and Manchester City striker. Ballotelli’s latest in a long line of (off field) headline grabs comes after his agent claimed that Balotelli was in fact, priceless!?

Dousing speculation that Balotelli was considering a move back to his native Italy, his agent Mino Raiola believes that even the most cashed up Italian super-clubs are out of their depth in pursuing his client. “No Italian club could afford him,” he told Sky Sport Italia. “Balotelli
is as valuable as the Mona Lisa. And City have been very clear – they
don’t want to sell
.” This is great news for Man City today, but just wait until they have to negotiate a contract extension. Our sources claim the Man City officials rate Balotelli comparable to Edvard Munch’s The Scream at best 

With the Mona Lisa now worth in excess of $500 Million, we were curious as to what Mario could reward himself with if Milan were able to scrape together that kind of cash.

Mario could buy another 2,000 camo Bentleys.

Or 10,000,000 Ryan Air flights for when he needs to flee the country after being subbed early. (Or about 100 middle of the range Lear Jets)

Or  33,333,333 meals at Nandos. Nicki Minaj won’t be able to resist!

Mario also plays a bit of football when his scheduled allows it.


via the Guardian
Pictures by Getty Images