Mac From ‘It’s Always Sunny’ Lost His Shit Over Philly’s Super Bowl Win

There are few joys on this earth greater than watching your pro-sports team win a long-awaited championship, and that joy is only magnified if they’ve never done it before.

Rob McElhenny is riding that wave something shocking right now, in the wake of the Philadelphia Eagles maiden Super Bowl victory earlier today.

Mac, the good boy of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, took Sunny co-star/wife Kaitlin Olson and also co-star/not wife Danny DeVito to the big game in Minnesota to cheer on his beloved Birds.

Hell, football’s more or less the only thing he’s been posting about ever since the Eagles won the NFC Championship game two weeks ago.

The group travelled to Minnesota and took up a spot in some pretty kickass seats inside the US Bank Stadium for today’s game.

And sure, the broadcast splashed Eagles mega-fan Bradley Cooper all over the screen on multiple occasions, with old mate getting incredibly fired up in the fancy plush corporate box put on by Eagles franchise owner Jeffrey Lurie.

But that ain’t nothing compared to sheer joy of seeing Mac go off his tits after the Eagles secured the game, screaming his head off in the stands as a sea of bemused, Tom Brady jersey-wearing Patriots fans remain bolt silent.

That reaction only gets better if you hit play on this as soon as it ends.

All it needs now is an appropriate title card…

Yep, there we go. Perfect.

Paddy’s would be going off tonight.