LeBron James’ Son Is Only 13 But Can Already Dunk Like A Fkn Beast

Being the basketball-obsessed son of LeBron James, there weren’t much of a chance that LeBron James Jr was ever going to suck at the game. But that he’s this good this young is something of a marvel, and it’s getting the US sports media in an absolute tizz.

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LeBron Jr – Bronny, as it goes – has been exhibiting increasingly sick handles as he gets older. And now, at just 13-years-old, he’s raining hell on fools like he’s Mike Pook (weather joke, also a Tasmanian joke).

Footage of Bronny at the recent Bigfoot Hoops Las Vegas Classic shows the barely-a-teenager casually lobbing an alley-oop to himself in warm-ups, which he summarily slammed down with his family’s trademark vinegar.

Good. Fucken. Lord.

At 13-years-old, he’s now throwing down the first dunks of his life, and edging ever-closer to dropping one in-game. Not that his game needs it at the moment, because he’s perfectly good enough at other areas of the sport as is.

Like shooting.

Or passing.

Or making opponents look like three-legged baby giraffes.

The kid’s good as hell, is what we’re getting at here.

LeBron Jr’s skills have already attracted the attention of potential colleges, even though he’s a wee 5 years shy of being able to attend.

‘Course all that could be moot if the NBA scraps their one-and-done eligibility rule, like they’re forecast to do, which would mean Bronny would be able to follow in dear old Dad’s footsteps by jumping straight to the NBA out of High School.

And while we’re on the subject of the old man, LeBron Senior took a little time off of being a supportive father on the sidelines to completely show his boy up during the team warmups by murdering the rim a few times.

Imagine being as good as Bronny is at his age and still being so very fucken far off being able to smack the piss out of your Dad in a game of 1-on-1.

A good chip on the shoulder never hurt anyone, we guess.