LeBron James Could Wind Up Playing In The NBA With (Or Against) His Own Son

With LeBron James once again dominating the sports news cycle all day today thanks to his bombshell decision to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers, one interesting piece of trivia has floated to the surface as a result.

LeBron’s reported deal with the Lakers, a US$154 million whopper, covers a period of four years, which will bring LeBron up to 2022 when he will be 37-years-old.

In that year, LeBron’s eldest son – LeBron James Jr – will be 18 years of age. And if the NBA decides to scrap its current one-and-done draft requirement, the rule that stipulates draft hopefuls must be at least one year removed from High School, then the possibility of James Jr being drafted straight out of High School becomes very much a live option.

In short, there’s a reasonable chance that LeBron James could wind up playing in the NBA either with – or far more interestingly, against – his own dang son.


The NBA has been been mulling over the one-and-done rule for quite some time now, with suggestions being that it could be gone by 2021. Currently, the rule serves as a way to force players to either complete one year of college basketball in the US, or travel abroad to play in an international pro league for one season. Scrapping this rule would likely remove the minimum draft age of 19 as well, which opens the door for Bronny to jump to the big leagues straight out of High School, just like his dear old Dad.

The younger LeBron has already exhibited serious handles in his youth basketball endeavours, and looks to be a serious future prospect.

Imagine it: LeBron James Jr, coming up against his own father on an NBA court, and just ruining the old boy by dunking all over him.

Better yet, the inverse: Dad goes out there, knees taped to the hilt, and fairly murders his son, his own son, on live international TV.

It’s a long shot, but it’s a shot nonetheless.