Welp, it’s happened. It’s happening. It’s really a thing now. LeBron James is officially a member of the Los Angeles Lakers.

James has formally signed on the dotted line, confirming his 4-year deal with the Lakers worth an absolute shedload of dollars. Like, a truly absurd amount. As in the kind of giant pile of cash that you’d look at and wonder how on earth you’d ever go back to measly everyday shit like spending $5 on socks ever again.

LeBron’s managing company Klutch Sports Group posted a photo of the NBA superstar signing his contract a short time ago, confirming his imminent arrival to the Staples Centre and – more importantly – the NBA’s meat-grinder Western Conference.

Shortly after that, the Lakers gave salivating fans their first official look at LeBron By-God James wearing a godforsaken LA Lakers jersey, replete with customary number 23 and all.

There it is. In shimmering forum blue and gold. LeBron James, in a Lakers outfit. The basketball world has turned once again.

James is now charged with the task of hauling the only-recently-struggling side back up the Western Conference table, which is no easy feat given how insanely lopsided the NBA talent ledger is currently weighted. ‘Course he dragged a team consisting of two bags of stale chips and a handful of mouldy beans to the NBA Finals in Cleveland this year, so his value to a side is plainly for all to see.

LeBron will lineup against a rag-tag group of youth and experience after Lakers officials also brought in free agents Lance StephensonJaVale McGee, and Rajon Rondo to flesh out a lineup that’s done naught but suck tremendously over the past few years.

LeBron is yet to publicly comment on his move to LA – he’s staying uncharacteristically quiet about the whole ordeal for the time being – but when he eventually reports to Lakers training camp and fronts media, it’s gonna be a real interesting day indeed.

So there you go, sports fans. LeBron James wears a Lakers jersey.

That should be enough to excite LA Lakers fans and literally no one else.

Image: Twitter / Los Angeles Lakers