The Drake Curse Is So Real That A Milwaukee Radio Station Banned His Music

The Drake Curse is running roughshod all over the NBA Playoffs this year, and its horrific threat is looming over the city of Milwaukee like a miserable storm cloud. So much so that the city’s media is resorting to drastic measures in order to stave off its effects.

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You might recall a couple of days ago that Drake revealed he’d found a way to weaponise the curse against Toronto’s opponents. Chiefly, by wearing Philadelphia 76ers gear while watching the Raptors ultimately sink the Sixers season. It’s a powerful tool, and it’s clearly effective.

With the Raptors now taking on the Milwaukee Bucks in the NBA Eastern Conference Finals, the city of Milwaukee is not taking any chances.

A radio station in the city has gone so far as to remove Drake from its regular rotation for the entirety of the series; the theory being that by banishing his music from the airwaves, you’re removing any remote association the city has with Drake and therefore avoiding any chance for the curse to be applied.

KISS-FM in Milwaukee posted video evidence of In My Feelings being yoinked from rotation by three station DJs in a bid to help the city steer clear of curses.

A fine gesture and all, but they definitely said “Drake” more than three times while looking into a camera lens which technically speaking is some form of mirror. I’m no expert on curses or anything but I’m dead sure that counts as invoking it.

Drake, for the moment, has remained silent on social media and has yet to deliberately aim the curse by donning Bucks gear. So for now the city’s playoffs hopes rest on pure skill and luck.

That could all change in an instant, though.

The curse is real. And it is deadly.