Australia’s Boyfriend Daniel Ricciardo Stuns F1 Fans W/ Mexico Grand Prix Qualifying Result

Australia’s Daniel Ricciardo has shook the world to its core after he delivered his best qualifying result in yonks. As former Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said, it’s time to “get on the beers”.

Look, I’m not going to sit here and act like a professional racing, car, F1 fanatic, but I am a ‘yuge lover of Daddy Ricciardo and his epicness as one of Australia’s best drivers. I also appreciate a good comeback story (*cough cough* Parramatta Eels 2022 *cough cough*), and this is definitely one of them.

On Sunday, Daddy Ricciardo secured a second-row start at the Mexico Grand Prix after he finished fourth in the final qualifying session. Coming in hot in pole position was Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc, followed by his teammate Carlos Sainz. The world’s fave, Max Verstappen managed to nab third place.

The electrifying race and Ricciardo’s qualifying place in the top five left fans excited, and many of the reactions to his P4 result are bloody golden.

Fans also poked fun at Verstappen’s teammate, Sergio “Checo” Pérez, who placed fifth as Ricciardo beat him at his home Prix.

After his stunning qualifying sesh, Ricciardo told Sky Sports felt like his “old self”. Ugh, I know we say it as a joke, but this is so relatable.

“From Lap one yesterday, I felt really confident. And P4 is maybe a little more than we would have thought. But coming into [qualifier] it wasn’t about getting into Q3. It was about how far we can get inside,” he told the publication.

“As a team, we have confidence. But with a perfect lap we were thinking P6 or P7, but not quite a P4. It’s cool.”

“I feel a lot like my old self. I feel like I can do well,” Ricciardo told the publication.

According to, the last time Ricciardo placed within the top five was when he won the Italian Grand Prix in 2021.

Image source: Getty Images / Rudy Carezzevoli