Daniel Ricciardo Celebrates China Grand Prix Win With A Classic Shoey

After a pretty shitty weekend on the track, ol’ mate Daniel Ricciardo has won the China Grand Prix and how did he celebrate his win? By doing a shoey, of course.

Facing problem after problem during practice, being forced to retire from the previous race in the Middle East, and then nearly missing out on qualifying this weekend Ricciardo finally caught a break.

And what a break indeed.

The Formula 1 driver made his move at lap 37. The brilliant man had been in seventh place when he worked his magic and inched closer to first place. Then out of nowhere, Ricciardo moved from sixth to first in just eight laps and crossed the finish line after 56 laps in one hour and 35 minutes.

That’s a lot of time for a sweaty foot to be in a shoe but tradition is tradition.

Behind him, Valtteri Bottas came second after about 8.8 seconds then Kimi Räikkönen came third at 9.637 seconds.

Meanwhile Lewis Hamilton came fourth at +16.985 and Sebastian Vettel surprisingly came in eighth at +35.286 after Max Verstappen suddenly felt like playing bumper cars. Sebastian had won twice in Australia and once in Bahrain this season. Max copped a ten second penalty… and probably a virtual thrashing from Vettel fans.

To the shoey.

Pretty much.

Absolute legend.

You can catch those final few magical seconds below.

And if you’re keen to see the rest of the results, you can view it below.

For the full race breakdown, click HERE.