Croatian Fans Went Absolutely Boonta Celebrating Their World Cup Final Berth

Your country making their first-ever FIFA World Cup final is cause for celebration no matter how you look at it. But when your country happens to be Croatia, it takes things to another level entirely.

This morning’s World Cup semi final saw the Balkan nation storm home against England, hauling in a one-goal deficit before hammering home the deciding goal deep into extra time.

Initially, however, it was English fans who were going ballistic.

A rocketed free kick goal in the fifth minute saw the entire nation of England heave half the country’s beer supply into the air simultaneously.

After that, however, it was all Croatia’s day.

Folks in Zagreb lost their natural minds after Mario Mandžukić rattled home the go-ahead goal in the 109th minute which punched Croatia’s ticket to the big dance.

How wild were the scenes? We’re talking immediate flares.


‘Course some people were still on the job when all this went down, like this Croatian firehouse who immediately leapt into action upon the goal being scored because despite the fact that a fire was not called in they all made the extremely fair assumption that there was going to be a fire somewhere.

And finally, a big shout out to this absolute hero in Ireland stopping what little traffic there is because the love of his home nation is just too dang strong.

That’s the good gear, right there. Safe among friends.

Croatia now faces the mammoth task of taking down France in the World Cup final. If successful, the entire Balkan region is likely to slide off the map into the sea.

And as for England, once again it’s simply not coming home.

Ahh well.