Cop These Adorably Wee Versions Of AFL Guns In NAB’s New ‘Mini Legends’ Ad

The business end of the AFL season being here means bloody FINALS FOOTY is almost upon us, and with that NAB has today launched their new and improved version of the hugely successful ‘Mini Legends‘ ad campaign.

Last year you’ll probably recall your TV screen being flooded with versions of the ad, which cast tiny children in the roles of current AFL guns. The OG TV spot had tiny versions of Gary Ablett Jr (how the hell they got the kid to perfectly imitate his running style is still beyond me), Cyril RioliBuddy Franklin, and Joel Selwood.

This time around the campaign has found lookalikes for a new raft of footy’s finest, from Dustin Martin (pulling off a remarkably good don’t argue), Eddie Betts, a spot-on Joe Daniher spinning his hands in the rain, Nic Naitanui, Jason Johannisen and even repping the AFLW with a seriously great Mo Hope.

Hell, for the purists out there they even managed to chuck a throwback with a wispy-haired Malcolm Blight loading up the iconic almighty barrel.


Expect the new ad campaign to start hitting screens immediately, running right through until the AFL Grand Final aka Footy Christmas on Saturday, September 30th.