The Blessed AFL Mini Legends Are Back & Tiny Tayla Harris Could Kick My Face Off

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, my friends, where a bunch of little rippers from the country’s Auskick leagues get made over to look like some of the AFL and AFLW’s biggest stars. The NAB Mini Legends are here, featuring one wee lass who can kick just as well as her doppelganger, Tayla Harris.

[jwplayer rT6rLkYW]

This year’s mini legends advert shows five new tiny tacklers waking up with their new identities; a Richmond Tigers-crazed kid finds he’s got a shaved noggin and a full beard like his fave Bachar Houli, a small Richelle ‘Rocky’ Cranston in her Geelong Cats kit demanding her dad’s toast, a wee Port Pear Justin Westhoff, beard and all, terrifying mum from the back seat, an ickle Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti chucking in his mouthguard after brushing his chompers, and a magnificent Tayla Harris recreating the iconic moment she roosted a torp into the stratosphere.

Both of them can kick my head off into the sky and I’d say thank you.

We’ve gotten a good look at our new mini legends before the whole campaign kicks off on August 16, and apparently, the little Essendon Bombers star is the actual 8-year-old second cousin of the to power forward. Please excuse me while I sob heavily under my desk.

Check ’em all out, it’s almost too pure to handle.