Footy Star Dustin Martin’s Got His Kit Off For Bonds Again & It’s A Real Mood

Dustin Martin Bonds Underwear Ad

If there’s one thing I love more than footy, it’s footy players. More specifically footy players wearing not many clothes. I know, it’s a terrible thing to objectify someone but you clicked on this article, you massive perv, so don’t come for me here!

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes. Footy. Undies. And a beautiful combination of both, in the form of reigning Brownlow and Norm Smith medallist Dustin Martin, and iconic Aussie knickers brand Bonds.

We already know this potent pairing is visually very pleasing, courtesy of Dusty’s first campaign for the brand earlier this year.

why hello there

While the first ad saw Dusty racing through the streets of Melbourne chasing down his runaway doggo Killer, the second chucks the star Richmond Tigers midfielder into ~virtual reality~.

We see him in video game mode, pulling his famous “don’t argue” move as he battles several baddies – all while clad in Bonds tech trunks, of course.

Check it out for yourself right here:

Footy champ / emerging model talent Dusty was kind enough to chat to myself and fellow P.TV staffer / footy nut Courtney for our AFL podcast, Balls Up. You can find the full episode at the bottom of this article, in which Dusty admits that, er, every single one of his teammates gave him shit when he became an underwear model.

“Most of them gave me crap but it was all in good fun,” he told us. “I’m one getting some free undies so they can’t annoy me too much.”

Can’t argue with this. Source: Bonds

Dusty reckons he wasn’t in his top shape for the first ad, but for his second run for Bonds he was more prepared.

“[The first ad was shot] in the off-season, so I had to starve myself in the days leading up to it so I looked decent,” he jokes. “I had a whole pre-season under my belt so hopefully I’m looking in way better shape this time.”

Tyra Banks would be proud of that smize. Source: Bonds

For more of Dusty talking about his undies — including his lucky game day pair! — head to the 51.17 mark in the Balls Up podcast. Listen or download below, or head to iTunes right HERE to subscribe.