Say what you want about Conor McGregor but he sure as hell knows how to arouse our attention.

One of 2017’s most headline-grabbing sporting events was the quote-unquote “mega fight” between MMA star McGregor and convicted domestic abuser Floyd Mayweather.

The fight dominated discussion and capture public attention both in the ring itself, but more notably during the extremely prolonged build up to the bout in August.

As with all major fights, the weigh-in was a significant stop on the road to the ring, and this was especially true of the Mayweather/McGregor fight, but for reasons other than the jaw-jacking.

To say McGregor rocked up to the confrontation raring to go is the understatement of the century, as the Notorious one took to the stage in a pair of cotton underwear sporting one of the most prodigious looking stiffies the sport of boxing has ever seen.

At the time, Conor downplayed the incident and declined to speak on the record about it. But fast forward to today and it looks like old mate is finally owning up to his old mate.

McGregor proudly posted a photo of the weigh in on Twitter, accompanied by little more than ye olde’ aubergine emoji, the meaning of which shouldn’t be a mystery to anyone who’s ever been horny near a smartphone.

No boners about it. That is a man who is extremely proud of his own chongus right there.

Didn’t help him in the actual fight, but. Still, good for him.

Image: Getty Images / Ethan Miller