In case you’ve missed the a million ads and endless news coverage across the country, the Gold Coast is hosting the 2018 Commonwealth Games so prepare yourself for quality commentary, endless bragging, and nothing else on TV. It’s going to be a hella intense two weeks.

The games will kick off from the 4 to the 15 of April so at one point or another, we’re all going to feel a massive burst of patriotism as we watch competitive lawn balls – no really, it’s a sport in the games.

Also, as home nation it means no shitty time zones so we all get to wake up and sleep at reasonable hours. #winning

The past few days has seen The Queen’s Baton making its way around the country with many a sport and influential figure doing the honours. Even Dami Im got to carry the baton through her local community in Daisy Hill, Queensland. Never forget her Eurovision performance.

The games will air on Channel 7 (of course) and there’ll also be an app which you can learn more about HERE if you want to be all over the sports.

So to get you in da sporty mood, here are a bunch of classically Straya posts and know that if we win any medal, ball tampering will magically not exist anymore.


Here’s Dawn Fraser dabbing at the sight of the Baton.

It came up on my news feed and now you must suffer too.

Let the dab die.

The Uniform

If you haven’t seen it, here it is below worn proudly by our men’s weightlifting crew.

Diver, Teju Williamson also posted the below just moments ago. Teju recently battled a leg injury but it looks like she’s back and ready to compete.

Left to right: Teju, diving veteran Melissa Wu, Esther Qin, and Brittany O’Brien. 

 The Ol’ Medallist Doing A Promo

Here’s swimming legend, Stephanie Rice posing with Borobi the official mascot for the games. Stephanie cleaned up at the Beijing Olympics in 2008 with three gold medals.

Blinky Bill but blue.

Here’s retired diving champ Matthew Mitcham. You’ll remember him most for his gold medal win at the 2008 Olympics.

The Hype Pics

Because swimming always brings in the gold for us so here are some familiar faces.

Left to right: Cam McEvoy, Shayna Jack, and James Roberts. 

Time to place your bets on who we’re all going to pressure for a medal. I reckon it’s going to be Cam.

He doesn’t seem too chuffed though.

Checked in ????

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Absolute champ and amazing human being, Emma McKeon with Tessa Wallace. 

Shining bright ???? @tessawallace

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And in the spirit of friendly (or not) competition here’s who we need to beat since America’s not invited.


The boys chilling out before training……

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I’m ready.

Oh yeah, public transport’s going to feel like fourth place so get planning if you haven’t already.

Image: Twitter / @GC2018