In some fan-bloody-tastic news, Emma McKeon has gone and made the entire country proud by becoming the most successful and awarded athlete in Commonwealth Games history.

Time to open up the history books and make a couple of amendments because McKeon won her 11th gold medal in the women’s 50m freestyle at the 2022 Commonwealth Games on Monday.

The games are currently taking place in Birmingham, UK. McKeon still has four races to compete in, which means her brand new world record could be smashed yet again. Queen shit.

“It is a fun event for me, the 50m. I feel like I am a lot more relaxed this year than last year,” McKeon said per The Guardian.

“And I have not done as much work as I had this time last year but the place I am in mentally is showing in my performances.”

Just yesterday we reported on McKeon winning her 10th medal, and she’s already gone and surpassed herself. I am in AWE.

With 11 gold medals, McKeon passes Susie O’Neill, Ian Thorpe and Leisel Jones who shared the record at 10 golds.

“It’s really nice to be mentioned alongside some of those names and I will be part of that history for years to come, hopefully,” McKeon said.

“They’re the ones who inspired me when I was young. I remember watching them on TV and that lit the fire in me to be where I am now.

“It is special. It makes me reflect on the last eight years since my first Commonwealth Games. I can see how far I’ve come as a person and an athlete.”

McKeon currently holds 16 Commonwealth Games medals: 11 gold, 1 silver and 4 bronze. Talk about a supermassive talent, I can’t even doggy paddle from one end of an inflatable pool to the other.

“Very proud and happy for you, well done,” Ian Thorpe commented on McKeon’s Instagram post.

“You will continue to inspire even more people.”

“You’ve absolutely inspired so many people,” wrote Olympic Swimmer Taylor Mckeown.

“Such a hero, love your work.”

Damn, it really warms my heart to see the Aussie swimming community be so supportive of each other.

Honestly, I hope McKeon keeps winning at the 2022 Commonwealth Games. Sure it’s incredible to have smashed the world record with 11 gold medals but imagine if she keeps claiming medals? Icon.

If she wins every single race, she could have 15 gold medals to her name.

Image: Getty Images / Robert Cianflone