A Giant Bull Nearly Murdered A Dog On Live TV At A US College Football Game

The New Year period might mean revelry for a lot of you, but as far as US College Football goes it means the business end of proceedings, which means the chances for ridiculous shit to be seen on and off the field is at its highest. Take, for example, today’s Sugar Bowl matchup between the Texas Longhorns and the Georgia Bulldogs.

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Both teams in today’s historic clash have storied histories and relationships with their nicknames and subsequent mascots. Both animals provide the backbone of the school’s identity, and by extension how they conduct themselves on the field. Both schools are immensely proud of it. And they’re even more proud that they get to have actual animals serve as team mascots, rather than some nerd doing flips in a rubber suit.

So needless to say, there’s been more than a bit of animal-related banter in the lead-up to today’s game.

And then it all went bung very quickly.

See, it turns out someone thought it would be a great idea to take Uga, the Georgia Bulldog, and Bevo, the Texas Longhorn, and put them on the field together prior to the game. All while broadcasting the meeting live across the world.

It ah… did not go according to plan.


All this, despite Bevo’s earlier assertions that he was cool with the dog, was not murderously angry about it being there, and was not harbouring a secret desire to turn it into a pincushion on live national television.

It’s all in the eyes. Look at that bloodthirsty glint. Old mate was simply biding his time.

In significantly better animal mascot news, the earlier Rose Bowl game featured the Washington Huskies mascot Dubs, who spent his time pre-game having a chat, enjoying treats, and not trying to end the life of the opposing team’s little mate.


In a world full of Bevo’s, thank dog for Dubs.