Gaze In Horror At A British Rugby Player Smacking His Own Dislocated Knee Back In

Happy Friday! How’s it going? Are you well? How’s your tum? Is it settled? Good. That shit’s about to get turned upside down, because if you’re reading this you’re clearly keen to watch footage of a hulking British rugby player smacking his own goddamned dislocated kneecap back into place. There are no funny tricks to this and there’s certainly no misdirection. This article contains video of a grown-ass man wrecking his leg, discovering his kneecap had begun a great eastward migration, and putting it back into place with nothing but the power of his own hand. En-fucken-joy.

[jwplayer MA93xzF7]

For context: Hull FC forward Joe Westerman went down in a tackle during the side’s clash with Hull Kingston Rovers on Thursday night.

Upon sitting up, Westerman quickly realised his knee was all over the bloody place, and instead of waiting for some idiot like a doctor to attend to it, took matters into his own hands by spanking it like it had a damned safe word.

Beware, this be grotty.

Great. Good gear. Wonderful stuff. Let’s look at it close up and in slow motion why the fuck not.

Westerman, would you believe, didn’t even both to leave the ground after enduring that. Instead, he took a few moments, walked the pain off, and joined in on the scrum in the very next play. Rugby players: Not human.

Because I’m both a nerd and a sadist, I’m taking this weak opportunity to relate the above incident to former Sydney Swans star Daryn Cresswell‘s infamous 1997 injury that was just as awful and equally as stomach churning.

Honestly, that one’s probably way more visceral. Even when it comes to horrible sports injuries we still manage to kick England’s ass. How about it.