Aussie NFL Hopefull Jesse Williams Already a Statside Star

Not that we should have doubted the credibility of Channel 9’s feature on Indigenous NFL hopeful Jesse Williams, but the US press are falling over themselves to confirm that Tha Monstar is definitely the real deal. Backing up for the University of Alabama after their championship winning season last year, Williams has become the most feared and powerful defenders in US College Football and is attempting to take the Crimson Tide (go figure?) to back to back national championships tonight in his final college game against Notre Dame University’s Fighting Irish.

With ESPNfinding it hard to question Jesse Williams’ toughness‘, the NY Times writing a gushing feature on the tattooed Aussie done good, and Sports Illustrated singling Williams out as the anchor in the competitions best defensive outfit, Williams is being backed by some of the most respected and deepest thinkers in the game. While not the first Australian to make his mark, if Williams does make a successful transition into the pro ranks he will be only the third Australian non-kicker after pioneer Colin Scotts and recent NY Jets debutant Hayden Smith to make it in the NFL. Watch this space.

Picture by
Greg McWilliams/Getty Images