Aussie Golf Course Home To 8 Meter Robotic T-Rex

So golf just got a whole lot more awesome… or not depending on your take on tacky life-size roaring dinosaurs. If you’re in the affirmative, maybe it’s time to dust off the sticks and head to the Palmer Coolum Resort, home of Jeff the T-Rex who sits adjacent to the 9th green. Letting out a booming roar that can be heard across the course when golfers approach, Jeff’s presence hasn’t been welcomed by everyone, least of all the Australian PGA officials.

After 11 years at the celebrated Coolum coarse, the first round of the Australian PGA will be moving on after this year. Billionaire mining magnate and course owner Clive Palmer doesn’t always see eye-to-eye with officials, as illustrated when his Gold Coast Soccer franchise was dumped from the A-League, and his latest stunt along with the unprecedented move to spray advertising signage on the fairways seems to have been the last straw. Not that it will hamper Palmer’s future plans for the resort, which he intends to turn into an amusement park with more dinosaurs and a replica of the Titanic.

It marks the beginning of dinosaurs coming to Coolum,” Mr Palmer said.”It will be the biggest dinosaur park in the world, and it’s going to happen right here.”

If the movies have taught us anything Clive, dinosaurs and amusement parks never work!

via the Courier Mail

Photo: Dave Hunt via AAP