Andrew Johns’ Immortals Controversy

Andrew Johns was named Rugby League’s 8th Immortal (it’s a pretty big deal) last night in a move that has sparked fervent debate within the Rugby League Community. Johns beat elder statesmen Norm Proven and Ron Coote*, but it was his selection over Mal Meninga that has caused the most controversy. The two main arguments against his selection are a) It’s a bloody anti-Queenslander conspiracy and b) Andrew ‘pinger freak’ Johns is a bloody drugo and is not worthy of such an honor. Here’s what Twitter had to say about it.

Team Mal

Team Joey

While Johns seems to be up against the majority of Queensland here, he did have a lot of NRL players, past and present, on his side. Maybe everyone should just chill out and agree that Rugby League is the winner here today. As the clips below illustrate, Andrew Johns was a freak and Mal Meninga was a total weapon.

* At least he will live on through Aussie slang i.e. “I wouldn’t mind a Ronny Coote”

Picture by Jonathan Wood at Getty Images