Silverchair’s Daniel Johns Reckons GQ Lifted His Podcast Font For Its Robert Pattinson Cover

Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns reckons GQ nicked the font from his podcast and all he wants for compensation is two tickets to The Batman movie. We love a king with priorities.

If you’re gently confused by this turn of events, let’s hit rewind. Earlier this week GQ did a very fun photoshoot with Robert Pattinson, who’s set to star as Mr Bruce Wayne himself in The Batman.

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It’s a fun photoshoot: Pattinson wears neons and fun glasses, we love to see it.

But Johns has pointed out that the font used on the GQ cover is really similar to the font on the cover of his Spotify podcast Who Is Daniel Johns?

For context, Johns also designed the podcast font himself. A very cool skill if you ask me.

You can suss the comparison between the two by scrolling through on Johns’ Instagram post.

Johns posted a couple of Insta Stories about the sitch where he also pointed out he was GQ Australia‘s musician of the year a little while back.

“In 2015 I was named @GQAUSTRALIA musician of the year… Your new cover shoot with Rob is eerily familiar,” he wrote, as per The Brag.

But instead of any potential credit or acknowledgement, what John wants in penance is two free tickets to see The Batman. A reasonable request if you ask me.

“I don’t expect credit. I don’t expect to be acknowledged. I do fucking expect free tickets to the new Batman tho,” he wrote.

Now, he’s started a noble campaign under the hashtag #2tix4dan and added a couple of more elements to his request list.

“Two GA tickets to new Batman movie for my Dad and I (don’t even need to be Gold Class),” he wrote on Insta. Don’t sell yourself short Dan, ask for the Gold Class.

Demand two was two medium popcorn and Diet Coke combos. An excellent choice.

His final request was one guaranteed 3 star minimum review in either GQ or GQ Australia for his upcoming album FutureNever within a month of its release.

FutureNever is scheduled to be released in April and it’ll be his first solo album since 2015.

Personally, I can’t wait read Johns’ inevitable review of The Batman.