Daniel Johns, King, Was Swanning About Splendour In A Tatty Bathrobe

One of the great treats of having backstage access to Splendour In The Grass (yes, a brag), is setting up shop in a good viewing spot, picking out all the notable heads getting about, and watching as they all slowly get rougher as the sun dips behind the tree line and the Byron mist settles in. And on day one of Splendour, no head got about with more daring do, more swagger, more Big Fuck You Energy than that of the Central Coast King, Daniel Johns.

[jwplayer HgmKpy3N]

Johns made a mad dash to Byron with What So Not, ahead of the latter’s set on Sunday which the former is now a regular guest of.

On night one, the duo ruled the roost behind the hessian curtain, with Johns in particular choosing a – no shit – tatty bathrobe as his primary choice of attire.

Triple J Breakfast unit Liam Stapleton managed to get old mate to stand still long enough to snap a photo of the truly blessed sighting.

The scenes. The vibe. The absolute energy radiating off of that. Magnificent gear.

The full outfit was on display all through the night, only further fuelling the universal truth: The man cannot be touched.

In a curious twist, Johns and What So Not made the trip up to Byron for Splendour while slumming it on a Jetstar flight, of all things.


That, in turn, was picked up by notorious piss rag the Daily Mail and spun into a story, which What So Not latched on to, and subsequently turned into this incredibly wild and good bit of reactive merch.

That makes it the best thing to come out of the DM this side of them finally grasping the nards to fire Piers Morgan in about 2068.

Daniel Johns, ladies and gentlemen. The Mayor of Newcastle. The Mayor of us all.