15-Year-Old Russian Figure Skater Upstages Everyone At Sochi With Her Awesomeness

15-year-old Julia Lipnitskaia has upstaged everyone at the Sochi Winter Olympics and put Russia back on top in the world of figure skating.

It’s a performance that’s almost good enough to make you forget about #Sochiproblems. Almost.

In front of an arena jam-packed with Russians and a guest list that included the likes of Vladimir Putin, Lipnitskaia led Russia to their first gold medal of the Sochi Olympics. Her debut at Sochi has been ridiculous enough that the internet has immortalised it, and we salute it for doing so.

What. The. Hell.

The thought of doing something even remotely similar to this is enough to make your brain melt out your ears. Ice skating is hard enough. To make it look good you have to be able to put your legs on a 90-degree angle (I’m already screwed). Then you have to spin around real quick. Finally, you lift your leg above your head, while continuing to spin a few more hundred times. On ice.

Fuck that.

If you’re worried that you might be the only person who doesn’t believe what you’re seeing, don’t worry. Ashley Wagner from team USA has got your back. Her reaction to her own score being read out pretty much sums up any disbelief you might be feeling.

Photo: Adrian Dennis via Getty

Via Huffington Post