Russia Embraces #SochiProblems By Reliving Broken Fifth Olympic Ring Trauma In Sochi Closing Ceremony

Following closely the lead of method serial asshole Shia LaBeouf (screw up once; screw up again; pretend both egregious errors were performance art pieces), the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics came to an end in the wee hours of the morning by taking what was arguably their first and most majestic fuck-up and transforming it into a meta-ceremonial commentary on the world’s fixation with #SochiProblems. That is, the fifth ring failed to show up – on purpose – again.

See guys, they’re not a regular oligarchy masquerading as a constitutional republic, they’re a cool oligarchy masquerading as a constitutional republic; one that gets The #Viral Memes and The Internet.
Australia finished fifth last at the 22nd Winter Olympics with a total of three medals; Russia finished first atop the tally with twenty-five (25) medals and the last laugh.

Photo: Adrian Dennis via Getty