This Sex Toy Advent Calendar Will Be The Reason Ya Don’t Get A Silent Night This Festive Szn

Yoni Pleasure Palace
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Folks, we know you’ve heard of the good ol’ choccie advent calendars, and you might have noticed that the beauty and skincare industries have thrown their hat in the advent calendar ring, too. But, if ya really wanna get the party started this Ho Ho Ho season, we suggest ditchin’ ’em all because the only one that matters for 2023 is Yoni Pleasure Palace’s sexy, mystery advent calendar

Designed by the brains that brought you those iconic fluffy squirt blankets (no surprises, right?) is a hot-new 12-day advent calendar featuring a collection of the brand’s classic fave products, along with exclusive, never-before-seen items. This makes it none other than the perfect excuse to treat yourself — and if you’ve done enough of that this festive season — these little gift boxes also make a bloody good gift for your lover, too.

While we aren’t privvy to exactly what’s inside yet, based on Yoni’s previous advent goodies, we can only anticipate that a) they’ll be fkn headboard-bangingly good and b) they’ll include a range of different vibrators, anal beads, butt plugs, crotchless panties, tassels, clamps, paddles, ticklers, wrist cuffs, masks, whips and a bunch of other surprises.

What can I say? ‘Tis the season to be extra jolly. 

Yoni pleasure palace, sex toy advent calendar

Yoni Pleasure Palace Advent Calendar, $444 (valued at $550)

All in all, the Yoni Pleasure Palace Sex Toy Advent Calendar will set you back around $444, which is a pretty good bang for your buck considering you’re walking away with around $550 worth of goodies.

Keen as a bean to get this, stat? The cal is currently on pre-order, with shipping expected to begin on November 17. This gives you plenty of time to get your goodies in the mail before December 1. A word of warning? You won’t want to wait too long to get your order in because Yoni’s seasonal stock is incredibly limited and last year sold out pretty damn quickly.

You can shop the YPP Sex Toy Advent Calendar here.