Woman Tells Tinder Matches Her Dad Died To See If They Still Want A Root

People grieve in a multitude of ways and I get that.

People who haven’t lost a loved one don’t always get that though, and look, I speak from experience when I say that it’s a horrible experience. If the Tinder conversations of Brooklyn comedian Jenn Welch exemplifies one thing perfectly, it’s that some people don’t give a fuck what you’re going through. 

To put that into context: the 36-year-old’s father died three weeks ago and she decided to write as much in her bio, to see how men would react. Then she started documenting DMs with her matches on Instagram under the handle – wait for it – @deaddadtinder.

The result? Baaaaaad.

THIS IS HAPPENING. Grief is lonely! None of my exes have swooped in to take advantage of my vulnerability (thank you?), and I’ve done enough therapy to know that now’s not the time to start a new relationship. So, I decided to take my sadness to everybody’s favorite casual hook-up swamp, Tinder, and fling it at my matches like an unsolicited dick pic. I put everything a Tinder match would need to know right there in my bio – I’m a comedian, my dad just died – and since a lot of men don’t read words if there’s a picture of pretty lady’s face above them, I made sure to mention my dad’s death at the top of each conversation. The responses have run the gamut from sweet to repulsive and wow I suddenly feel less alone. #deaddadsclub #tinder #dating #grief #comedy

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For those who have swiped right on face value and skipped her bio (it is Tinder, after all) she brings it to their attention once they spark up convo. The responses vary from “Can I bury him in your asshole?” to “That sucks” and “My dad just moved to Florida so kinda the same thing?

For the record, not the same thing.

OMG HAHA THIS GUY HAS AN ALIVE DAD AND I DON’T. #deaddadsclub #tinder #dating #grief #comedy

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One guy did reply saying “Shit that’s awful“, so there’s that. But look, we don’t know how many convos she’s actually sharing at this stage.

If you’re so inclined, check out how uncomfortable, negligent and downright savage people can be when confronted with death on her page here

My advice here? If you’ve recently lost someone, don’t hit up Tinder unless you’re hoping to get your grief fucked out of you.

Source: Instagram / @deaddadtinder.