Introducing ‘Wheel Of Foreplay’, A Spicy New Iso Game Brought To You By YouPorn

The b-e-a-u-tiful team at Future of Sex have just launched a new game to help folks have fun in iso. In their words, it’s here to help you stay home and bone. What more do you want?

Partnering with YouPorn (!), the Wheel of Foreplay is a game created for couples and singles in need of a little (and a lot) of fun in iso. It’s also just a fab way to explore intimacy with your partner / Zoom date, designed to open up conversations about sex that you might not usually have.

So how does it work? Well, you can pick from five card categories: Push It Real Good (Physical), Cosmic Connection (Mindful), I Touch Myself (Going Solo), Going The Distance (Long Distance Dating), and Some Like It Hot (Sensual).

Love, love, LOVE the design.

Click on your chosen category, spin the Wheel of Foreplay, and you’ll land on a card.

Some cards are really cute and playful.

Wheel of Foreplay

Love it.

Then we have a different type of playful.


You might be uncomfortable with some of the things that pop up, or simply not keen on it – that’s okay. And your partner / date should be okay with that too. Do what feels right to you.

For now, the game is only available online. But who knows, maybe it’ll be an app one day. And if you stick around long enough, Future of Sex will soon unleash four new categories. There’s New Tricks (Longtime Couples), Peaches and Cream (Messy), Ice Melters (Dating), and Bonding Time (Beginner BDSM). HOW GOOD.

Get around all the action on the Wheel of Foreplay website right HERE.